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Eco-city, as a concept, reflects the idea that reflects the urban development follow man and nature’s harmonious development. It’s the only way to achieve sustainable urban development by complex eco-system in planning and constructing, which is leading the new trend of city development...

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City, as highly concentrated areas of economic and human civilization, is the political, economic, and cultural center. In China, urbanization has become a irreversible social development trend.After the reform and opening up, is the society enters the stage of rapid urbanization at the same time, the gradual deterioration of the urban ecological environment and the increasing depletion of natural resources have become a serious challenge to the survival and development of Chinese society. To achieve sustainable urban development, reduce energy and resource consumption and the destruction of the ecological environment have become the general consensus of the whole society.

Eco-city is the method to achieve sustainable development of Chinese cities. The way to build eco-city is to implement the City Ecology strategy which means we will put natural, urban and human together as an organic whole mutualism, and then form a human habitation of social harmony, economic efficiency, ecological virtuous circle, and ultimately achieve the goal of fundamental harmonious development between man and nature . The construction of ecological city is not only the requirements of conforming to the inevitable evolution of the city but also the only way to promote sustainable, rapid and healthy development of the city. Thanks to the advanced technology, industry concentration and talented people, Eco-city is playing a great concentration, radiation and exemplary role.

The 18th report put ecological and livelihood as two important parts to describing and planning proposing "vigorously promote the construction of ecological civilization, and strive to build a beautiful China." The construction of Chinese ecological civilization is a long-term plan relating to people's welfare and the nation's future. Faced with the grim situation of tight resource constraints, environmental pollution and ecosystem degradation, we must establish the ecological civilization concept of respecting for nature, conforming with nature, protecting nature and put the construction of ecological civilization into a prominent position, and combine the economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction and all aspects into the process, and strive to build a beautiful China, to achieve Chinese sustainable development.

The forum will invite leaders of sponsor units and prominent experts and scholars to give an authentic and high level speech on this year’s expo theme. Meanwhile, several sub-forums will be held for experts and scholars, Eco-city leaders, enterprise representatives to discuss and communicate the international experience on smart city development, environmental restoration, green energy utilization and eco-city.

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